Loyalty Program Wolf Winner Casino

The Wolf Winner casino loyalty program is one of the most important competitive edges of this gambling platform. The program allows players to receive extra perks and experience an immense adrenaline rush. Its rules are simple and transparent: the more time and funds you spend on gambling, the higher your rank and the more lucrative your rewards. Read this article to get to know everything about being a Wolf Winner VIP member!

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Wolf Winner Casino VIP Bonuses

The loyalty program of the Wolf Winner Casino is known as the Alpha Wolf Club. You can become a VIP member as a reward for your "phenomenal gaming", as the casino's administration states. Here are the main perks that you can expect to receive in terms of the program:

  • Special promotional offers
  • No bonus bet limits
  • Larger wolfdrawals (it's not a misprint!)
  • Speedy cashouts
  • Monthly cashback rewards
  • 24/7 VIP concierge service

Only selected VIP players receive cashback. Your concierge will let you know whether you qualify. In this aspect, Wolf Winner differentiates itself from other online casinos. On most other gambling platforms, you don't need an individual invitation to start receiving cashback.

ATTENTION: The VIP program is available both in desktop and mobile formats. If you have already received cashback on one device, you won't be able to get it once again on another device until next month. If you have started wagering a bonus received in terms of the VIP program on your computer, you can carry on wagering it on your mobile (or the other way round).

The Primary Benefits of the Program

Here, we can talk about the benefits from the casino's viewpoint and from the players' viewpoint. Let's start with the former.

Wolf Winner benefits from its loyalty program in the following ways:

  • When choosing between multiple casinos, people tend to opt for those platforms that have VIP programs
  • Customers are motivated to spend more time and funds in the casino
  • When players upgrade their VIP rank or get special benefits, they will be likely to tell their friends about it, thus spreading the word about Wolf Winner

And here are the main advantages of the VIP program from the players' viewpoint:

  • They appreciate that the Wolf Winner administration takes care of them
  • They enjoy the feeling of being special and performing better than other gamblers
  • The program allows them to access special perks, cut down their expenses and boost their odds to win
  • The casino sets very clear and realistic goals for players

The loyalty program creates a win-win situation.

What Does the Wolf Winner Casino VIP Program Fail to Offer?

This gambling platform features a genuinely generous loyalty program. However, it might lack the following perks and privileges that some other casinos offer:

  • Weekly cashback
  • Access to exclusive tournaments and lotteries
  • Invitations to offline events, such as parties or cruises
  • Valuable prizes, such as cars or gadgets

At the same time, it would be rare luck to come across the "No bonus bet limits" on any other platform. Wolf Winner has created a very balanced loyalty program. You'll be able to make the most of your gambling sessions with reasonable expenses. Every gift and bonus should leave a highly positive impression on you!

ATTENTION: VIP programs of certain gambling platforms provide their members with priority access to the newest and the highest-paying games. Wolf Winner enables all players to access the latest games in a couple of clicks, regardless of their VIP rank. To find the newest additions to the Wolf Winner entertainment catalog, you should visit the Promotions section.

How to Become a Wolf Winner Casino VIP Member?

To become a member of the VIP program, you should sign up, sign in and focus on the following three parameters:

  • Loyalty
  • Value
  • Frequency

This means you should place bets regularly at Wolf Winner with real cash, your gambling sessions should be long, you should use promotions and systematically interact with the casino's team.

ATTENTION: You'll join the program automatically on the lowest Grey Moon level as soon as you sign up and sign in to Wolf Winner.

To find the detailed rules of the VIP program, you should check the following parts of the site:

  • Terms and conditions
  • The Loyalty Program tab of the Promotions page
  • The Alpha Wolf Club Page

To access the Alpha Wolf Club Page, you should click the diamond icon in the left column.

What Are the Rules of the Program?

Your rank and the scope of privileges that you can use are determined by two types of points: Tier Points and Pack Points. The latter don't expire. You can use them to purchase various types of promotional offers in the Rewards Store. These rewards are non-revocable. As for the Tier Points, we'll concentrate on them in one of the next passages.

ATTENTION: If you become ineligible for Wolf Winner bonuses, you won't be able to accumulate Pack Points. This might happen, for instance, if you don't show any serious intention to play, or place bets equal or higher than 30% of the bonus that you're currently wagering, or try to abuse the promotional system in any other way.

To get 5 Tier Points and 5 Pack Points, you should deposit AUD 20 (or an equivalent to this sum in another currency). The sum that you need to deposit to get 1 Tier Point might vary depending on the type of the game:

Type of game How much you need to spend on bets to get 1 Tier Point What else you'll get
Video and Classic Slots AUD 20 1 Pack Point
Table Games + Roulette + Baccarat + Poker AUD 250 1 Jewel
Blackjack + Video Poker AUD 1,000 1 Jewel

The names of the tiers perfectly match the overall aesthetics of the Wolf Winner casino. Here is the number of points you need to accumulate to upgrade your level and the multiplier of each level:

- Multiplier Points to Achieve
Grey Moon x1 0
Blue Moon x1.1 200
Yellow Moon x1.25 1,000
Pink Moon x1.5 5,000
Blood Moon x2 25,000

The larger your multiplier rate, the faster you'll be able to earn rewards.

ATTENTION: To track your VIP progress, you can rely on the speedometer in the top-right corner of the screen. You'll see it after you sign up and sign in to the platform from your computer. There is no speedometer on the mobile site because the size of the screen is too small — but you can push the Pack Points button in the left lower corner.

You have 30 days to reach the next level. Tier Points expire within a month after being credited. If you fail to upgrade your level, it might be downgraded. Let's consider a real-life example. Let's imagine that your current level is Yellow Moon. If you gamble actively with real cash, you can upgrade to Pink Moon. But if you take a 30-day break from gambling, you'll downgrade to Blue Moon. Once you downgrade to Grey Moon, you can only upgrade your level. You'll never lose the lowest rank unless you try to violate the casino's rules.

ATTENTION: To accelerate your VIP progress, you might want to focus on slots to accumulate enough points to upgrade or maintain your level. Once you have secured your level, you can switch to other types of entertainment at the end of the month.


Are there any secret tips or tricks that I could use to accelerate my VIP progress?

No, the rules are the same for everyone. Gamble frequently with real cash, use bonuses, interact with the casino's team and collect Tier Points— this is the only way of increasing your VIP tier.

How can I get a consultation about the VIP program?

Push the Contact icon with three horizontal lines in the left column of the Wolf Winner site. On the Contact page, you can choose between three communication channels: live chat, email and phone. One of the phone numbers is toll-free. Polite and professional support reps will be ready to attend to you 24/7.

How can I check the current bonuses that I got in terms of the VIP program?

Sign in, click the Account button in the left column and then the Bonus Details tab. There, you'll discover your current casino bonuses and will be able to check your bonus history. To check the total amount of money in casino bonuses, click the Balance tab of your Account.

What are the rules of using the bonuses that I get in terms of the VIP program?

Here are the typical rules of using bonuses in Wolf Winner: most offers expire in 30 days — but you'll have only 2 days to use free spins. The standard wagering coefficient is x40 — but if you get a match bonus of 100% or higher, the wagering coefficient will be x50. The wagering contribution of video slots is 100% and that of classic slots is 75%. Table games, Baccarat and Roulettes have an 8% contribution while Video Poker and Blackjack have only 2%. Please mind that these are only the typical rules. You should read attentively the individual terms of each bonus before accepting it.

How long will it take the casino to promote me to a higher VIP level after I accumulate the required number of points?

As soon as you accumulate the required number of points, you'll be promoted to the next level immediately.